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I suppose I will explain why I named the blog what I did. I am a strange mix of very sheltered and, umm, exposed. I am very sheltered in that I was home schooled, am a preacher's/missionary's kid, and went to a Christian college. But I have also seen and experienced a lot. When I was around 9-years-old my family visited a leprosy hospital/colony, where I saw people who were missing fingers, hands, feet, and parts of their faces. Around the same time, my family was charged by a bull elephant while vacationing at a safari. As a young teenager, I remember seeing my sister's tears as an unwanted premature baby that had been brought to our home died in her arms and being brought another baby, covered in sores, and learning it had been left for the ants to eat. I've helped to build one-room, one-window houses for people who, judging by their happiness caused by that simple home, you would think we had built them a mansion. I've lived in 4 countries, visited 3 others multiple times, lived in more than 7 states, and have moved more than 20 times. I have fought wildfires in MO; cleaned toilets in AR; cared for orphans in Ukraine; done conservation work in MT, MO, and IL;  worked in a group home for developmentally challenged men, put together a internet server room, and sold clothing. I've lived with people who go to church with me and people who keep me up with their drinking games and smoke pot in the basement. So, as you can see, I am a mixture of sheltered and not. I am an almost ignoramus and here are my musings on just about everything.

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